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About the Team

We are an inclusive mountain-bike race team of 45 riders who are mostly based in Sydney’s Hills district with several riders from the Hunter region.

Our goals are to:

  • Focus on family culture including increasing female participation at races
  • Develop of skills for riders and their children + skill days run to get people interested, involved and more proficient at MTB
  • For each rider to improve their fitness, skills and performance
  • Get exposure in at least 2 major Australian MTB magazines
  • Continue to sign of riders at top of the field

For more info contact Michael Brown (President) on jbmtbr@gmail.com

Team History


  • First Men in Action (MIA) based team attended a Rockytrail 24hr race and competed in the 6hr + 6hr format. Teams finished 1st / 2nd and 3rd to take ot the podium in this class. MIA MTB racing was born.
  • Three man team raced the Rockytrail 7hr series achieving 3rd overall on the Elite series.
  • Three teams (16 riders) compete in Jet Black 24hr held at Mt Annan.


  • 15 to 18 riders at Rockytrail 7hr events
  • MIA team marquee with masseuse
  • 2 series podium (2nd and 3rd place) with the other teams just outside
  • Winning 4 man Masters team at Jet Black 24hr at Mt Annan


  • 5 to 6 teams on the podium at every round
  • Final round at Stromlo saw 32 riders race
  • 8 podiums and 4 wins for the series
  • Winners of the coveted bike shop trophy