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AMB 100 – The Tuffy

May 5, 2017 – 7:48 am | Comments Off on AMB 100 – The Tuffy76 views

Words and Pics: Kevlar – SS 3 lap/100k’er.
The last time I was awake at 2.15am was 30 years ago as I was just finishing off a night on the tiles with my mates! haha
Not the case this time, as it was ‘go’ time to pick up fellow Single Speed compatriot, George Grieg, for the 3hr haul from the burbs of Sydney down to Stromlo in …

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Mowbray Muddy Madness!

September 20, 2016 – 5:21 pm | Comments Off on Mowbray Muddy Madness!98 views

The JB team transition area


And that’s a wrap for XC racing with Rockytrail for season 2016 … and WHAT a season! Plenty of fluro on the podium (and wrapped around the odd tree or two haha) but in the end, plenty of smiles on dials and stories of near misses had over a couple of coldies in the team tent.

Last big team turn out of the season for the annual Jet Black 12hr event, and the venue of such was the delightful farm stay of Mowbray Farm in Picton, about an hour south of Sydney. With it’s rolling fields, creek crossings, cows (and their associated wastage!) this course had a bit of everything.


Last wrap of the season goes to El Presidentay – Michael Brown

12hrs of MTBing – Always sounds great when you hear that, but getting to end and completing it whether it is solo, pairs, threes, fours and sixes is a great effort. And this is where we pick up the life & times of the JetBlack MTB Team in Picton.

Mowbray Farm was the scene of the FINAL Rockytrail XC race for this season. With Picton recently being flooded and Sydney coping a fairly wet lead into the event the track, conditions and race was unknown.

Being part of the JetBlack MTB team meant that for the team, this year entries were fully funded by the remaining race budget which encouraged a big turn-out of FLURO to Picton.

With set-up early Saturday morning complete it was time to get in the sighting lap. The first half of the course was very muddy and slippery. Its not often that when on an MTB you aim for the grass to get grip, but this was the case. You could see that once a heap of riders went over the trails that it would change and become tacky and offer some hero levels of grip. A quick bacon and egg cook up for Pickles (Tarzan), Malachi and myself and it was time to say gday to all that had arrived under what started a sunny conditions and beautiful weather.

Race start this year going to be from the transition area into a downhill run around the top of the course. What this meant was, choose your own adventure, with super-fast Scotty and cruise missile Crummy duke-ing it out for the first few corners until Crummy binned it being over adventurous on 1 corner and laid the bike down. Dave Roberts who was up from Canberra and riding for the team was the 3rd man back from lap 1 and sent out Mark Bernardinis in a very un-usual position, that point being at the pointy end of the field.

One of the epic battles of the day was seen in the Elite Team of 4 which JetBlack fielded the teams of Felly, Josh, Scotty & Kurt + The Gordon connection of Craig and Owen who also were racing with Elton & Malachi. With Craig and Owen pumping out super-fast times all day they were amazed at Malachi’s and Elton times to see this team finish on the podium in 2nd spot not far off the Quantum team and in front of the young guns Felly, Scotty, Josh & Kurt.

With the music pumping in transition the day was looking good. It was weird to be sitting in the pits waiting for so long to get my first lap in as I had opted for 4th rider out on course. Once Pickles came into transition it was time to crank out what was lap 1 of 9 for the day. Big-Dog was cruising around, as his team were not ready in true fashion just keep rolling and even offered a wheel to hold in the back part of the course (cheers Doggy). The track had definitely dried up somewhat but was still required to pay full attention of it would spit you out.

As the laps rolled on and race settled in it was great to see our junior team of six having such a ball. Iona who had raced the season in solo was in for any easier day being joined by Kate Pickles, Aiden Judd, Candace Brown, Charlotte Brown and Judah Covington all of whom had never raced a Rockytrail event. This was the perfect track and for them to cut their race skills and MTB on. Big thanks to Darren Covington who also rode around with some of juniors and was amazed to see Judah his 8 year old tackling the course with no fear and even beating the more experienced older riders up the last climb. The kids would all come back and the first thing they would check was the all-important times. (Bit like us bigs kids too !!!) The team finished in 3rd place and got to get on the podium. Super effort and well done to all.

We only had 2 of the team taking on the solo category, and in the crazy single speed cat no less! Kevlar grabbing the choccies in the end from interstate competitor, Hallam Brooks and George “Porridgewog” Grieg taking 3rd in this, his first step up to the ‘big boys league of SS’ – It certainly opened his eyes, that’s for sure, but hopefully not scared him off! – Hurt for vert Georgey! 🙂 – Ed

Lap times looked like this:

Fastest individual Lap times (not in any particular order)

Elton-20:07 Ian-21:17 Andrew-23:01 Saul-29:49
Gordo-17:55 Tommy-20:08 Mark ?? 21:19 Dave-23:07 Judah-33:36
Owen-18:13 Tarzan-20:35 Travis-21:53 Rodney-23:11 Aiden-34:58
Scott-18:31 Blake-20:41 Kevlar SS -22:03 Chris-23:33
Dave-18:38 Ryder-20:49 Shad-22:06 Brodie-23:40
Felly-18:49 Josh-21:02 Peter-22:15 George SS -25:47
Kurt-19:24 Malachi-21:03 Ben-22:24 Jason-27:11
Browny-19:54 Crummy-21:11 Southy-22:45 Darren-27:54

Girls Lap times Nards-28:39 Kate-38:43 Charlotte-48:49
Shelley-24:55 Iona-32:57 Candace-39:42

For all results please check out:


Another great season racing with one of the teams’ main sponsors Rockytrail Entertainment. Bigger and better things planned from the whispers next year from Martin & Julianne.

Great to see some new faces and some old ones returning for this round.

Thanks to all the team and friends who have raced this season. It has been an awesome year full of great times, heaps of laughs and some awesome MTBing around the NSW region. With the exception of the Rockytrail Superflow Series to wrap up (Go Lorcho and Trav Meister!) and 1 more XC race planned this year in Grafton for a couple of us, that??s the season done and dusted for 2016.

But wait……..

A final MAHOOSIVE thanks must go out to our sponsors for their contribution and support to the team this year. It’s been amaze-balls! Without you, we couldn’t do what we do!

Jet Black Products – www.jetblackproducts.com

Lifestyle and Leisure – www.lifestyleandleisure.com.au

Rockytrail Entertainment – www.rockytrailentertainment.com.au

Platinum Electricians – www.platinumelectricians.com.au

Xavier Advertising – www.xavier.net.au

Hills Elite Physiotherapy

Nuts Galore – www.nutsgalore.com.au

AAA Down Under – www.aaadownunder.com.au

AMB magazine – www.ambmag.com.au


Stay safe peoples. And keep the rubber on the ground! But if you are thinking about hitting the dirt at any time, at least do it with style and make sure someone gets it on camera! haha 🙂 – Ed

Scintillating Strommers

May 10, 2016 – 6:03 pm | Comments Off on Scintillating Strommers103 views

Rockytrail Shimano Grand Prix Round 3 action, and this time the team took to the road for its annual pilgrimage to the nations capital, and the Observatory hill of Mt Stromlo. No observatory views this time though, with a break from the ‘norm’, with course Director, Martin Wisata from Rockytrail Entertainment setting a couple of pinchy and gnarly challenges for the masses.
The sun was shining, …

Zinging along at Singo

April 14, 2016 – 6:57 pm | Comments Off on Zinging along at Singo124 views
Zinging along at Singo

Here’s El Presidentay’s race wrap from Round 2 at Singleton, with a couple of additional ‘riders eye views’ from Peter Rohr and Jason Hewitt. Massive Kudos to Cat Sturrock for snapping a million photos and even put together a little vid of the team. To view the vid, click on this link —-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sU7irFtnXqI
Rockytrail Round 2 – Singleton
With Round 2 approaching the attention turned to Singleton. …

Shrebo baby!

April 14, 2016 – 6:55 pm | Comments Off on Shrebo baby!109 views
Shrebo baby!

The boys who don’t like hill climbing and like a bit more gravity assistance 😉 were at it again, this time in the land of snowboard and skis – Thredbo!
I was fortunate to race at the Snowies Stages Race here a couple of months back, and I can relate to the froth that Lorcho and Trav experienced. As Lorcho says, in his report below, get …

Jet Black has all the moooooves at The Mont 24hr

April 14, 2016 – 6:53 pm | Comments Off on Jet Black has all the moooooves at The Mont 24hr118 views
Jet Black has all the moooooves at The Mont 24hr

The MONT 24 Hour Race is a classic festival of MTB and the best way to spend a weekend of bike loving fun with a few thousand mates. It is also one of the largest events in Australia
This race is iconic within Australian MTB circles and one that is a ‘Must do’ at least once in our riding career …